Estate Planning for Unmarried Couples

Whether you choose to get married or not is a decision you must reach with your romantic partner. If you decide to avoid the nuptials,

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Estate Planning for Digital Assets

Your estate accounts for more than conventional assets, such as your real estate properties, bank accounts, and investments. These days, estate planning for digital assets

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Why Young Families Need an Estate Plan

We all know that planning for the future is a smart and responsible course of action, but it is hard to appreciate its true importance

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What Are Survivor Benefits?

The death of a loved one is almost always tragic, and the weight of such a loss is magnified if the individual in question is

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What is an Estate at Will?

Following the end of your lease, your tenant may ask you if they can rent the property again. However, the agreement they want to strike

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How are Survivorship Life Insurance Policies Helpful in Estate Planning?

Estate planning tools are more abundant and accessible than they have ever been. One particular estate planning tool you may not be familiar with is

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What Is Trust Administration?

Naming a trustee is not a decision you can take lightly. Trust administration entails plenty of responsibilities. It is not a job you can leave

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Who Keeps the Original Copy of a Will?

Your last will and testament indicates how you want the assets in your estate distributed following your passing. It should include important details such as

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Who Needs a Revocable Trust?

Proper estate planning involves evaluating all the tools available at your disposal. Inevitably, you will need to consider how useful a revocable trust could be

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New York Intestate Succession Laws

Intestate succession can be a thorny subject because the people involved are typically still grieving while trying to sort through a complicated situation. Unfortunately, once

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What Is a Beneficiary?

What is a beneficiary? That is a question you must know the answer to if you are planning your estate. Failing to come up with

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How Does a Trust Work for Inheritance?

Different tools, such as wills, powers of attorney, and trusts, are commonly used for estate planning. However, there is one more estate planning tool, known

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Do Trusts Pay Tax?

People set up trusts to preserve their assets and ensure their easy transfer to the designated beneficiaries. For example, you can create a trust in

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The Difference Between Guardianship and Power of Attorney

None of us want to think about our parents becoming incapable of caring for themselves. Sadly, that is a distinct possibility for many families, and

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