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Mr. Alber is an attorney for a variety of business law matters ranging from buying and selling a business, mergers and acquisitions, general contract law, partnership or shareholder related matters, and corporate governance.

There are six basic types of business enterprises

  1. Sole proprietorship
  2. General partnership
  3. Limited liability partnership
  4. Limited partnership
  5. Limited liability company
  6. Business corporation

Each type of enterprise has its own set of benefits and challenges.Certain types of business enterprise are better suited for certain types of business operations and partnership arrangements.

The primary goal of any business is to earn money in exchange for a valuable service or good. In pursuit of this goal the owner of a business will often need the advice and counsel or an experienced attorney.

As an owner of several business operations and an attorney with experience advising a wide variety of business types, Mr. Alber is well positioned to provide legal counsel in the area of business law to his clients.

Does your business have a buy-sell agreement? A business plan? A current or likely issue amongst partners?

Business Law Attorney FAQs

Limited liability company structures offer flexibility in how profits and losses are shared without regard to percentage of ownership interest and management that is not otherwise available to corporations.

Yes. Licensed professionals are required to obtain certain approvals in connection with the formation of their business entities.

No. Unlicensed professionals cannot legally partner with or receive a share of the revenue in a professional business entity.

Generally, an individual owner of a business is not personally liable for the debts of a business unless those debts are personally guaranteed, the corporate veil is pierced, or a case of fraud is proven.

No, unless the company’s governing business agreement requires capital contributions.

If a person intends on buying and holding real estate for rental purposes, a limited liability company is often the best form of entity because of the pass-through income tax treatment.

If a person intends on buying and flipping properties, one can become subject to self-employment tax because the income can become deemed active income and therefore a corporation may be a better entity choice.


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