Real Estate

Often the purchase and sale of real estate is among the most financially significant transactions in a person's life. Your choice of attorney is critical to protecting your interests and successfully navigating through the nuances of your real estate matter. Even what appears to be the simplest of real estate transactions requires the skill of an experienced attorney. Choose wisely.

Our firm offers a comprehensive list of legal services to clients in a variety of real estate matters. We represent clients who sell, buy, finance, lease, manage, and redevelop residential and commercial real estate properties. Our diverse list of former and current clients ranges from private individuals, celebrities and public figures, developers, to financial institutions. Through thousands of transactions in residential and commercial real estate sale, purchase, landlord-tenant, leasing, and financing matters, we have established a reputation of one of Long Island's best real estate legal practices.

In addition to the right choice of attorney, the assembly of your TEAM is vital for a successful and fulfilling transaction. Our network for real estate professionals (real estate agents, lending professionals, title companies, engineers, appraisers, contractors, accountants, and financial advisors) is second to none. Our team can help you maintain clarity and control over your transaction.

If you are contemplating a real estate transaction, we encourage you to contact our office for a FREE CONSULTATION.